samacheer kalvi or uniform education will not be the solution in Tamil Nadu state India

Published: 05th September 2011
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In this article I want to argue that the concepts of samacheer kalvi or uniform education will not be the solution for the disparity in the Indian economy. Why? Because, even if the government makes initiative in giving uniform content, syllabus and so on...there is going to be a great number of difference in the quality of delivery, teaching and methodology. In olden days education was better understood and thus they had guru Coolum or one-on-one mentoring with a mentor, they understood that the quality of the content is directly related to the quality of the mentor. But in modern times we are trying to fool our self by saying that the content is superior over gurus and masters. That is why when someone finishes his education and enters into the corporate world, he is unable to cope up with real life challenges of the corporate and also organisations take advantage of the ignorance of masses and dictate terms with its employees.

For the past 30 years in tamil nadu, the education has been mere mugging up answers for questions and reproducing in answer sheets. The difference in educating a student in a CBSE board and a state syllabus is gigantic. Comprehension, understanding, analysis and interpretation are missing in the state board syllabus, where as in a CBSE, the student develops the habit of exploratory reading, understanding and Interpretation.

So, now the government and others are waking up to the reality to patch up the differences, but as the saying goes "only when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and it is true and will be true always. So, what ever be the content and the delivery, there will always be a disparity among students.

So, the solution is not uniformity but diversity in uniformity. What I mean is as howard gardner proposed that there are different kinds of intelligence and everyone has their own strengths. So, the system should be such that, it gives flexibility in selection of the content as per their forte.

And if the school system and our total educational systems are not awakening to the 21st century thinking, then most of us are going to be just some mere workers in BPO’s and software companies run by Americans. And if we want to beat china, UK and USA in the quality of life, culture and in economics, then we need a radical change in our educational system. And I think many of these are addressed as we get modern and sophisticated.

The school system should equal importance to music, arts, sports, creativity, philosophy and wellness. Because the only subjects taught in school are maths, physics, chemistry and biology. This should change or else we are going now were.

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